Download our PDF brochure The loader is built from high quality materials, allowing for greater durability. Axis rods are made of hardened
Download our PDF brochure SPECIFICATIONS Description RM811 RM1011 RM1212 RM1416 Total length 12' 7" 15' 8" 18' 19' 11" Loading height 18"
Download our PDF brochure The Jolex Multi is a robust and versatile tool which can be installed on most different types of
Download our PDF brochure Jolex Machinerie builds different high quality hydraulic skidding winches that are easy to maintain. SMALL WINCH (PT60) Light
À benneÀ benne (Goosenek)PlateformePlateforme (Gooseneck)À benneChargeuse sur remorque à benneCaractéristiques / RemorqueConnecteur thermo-rétractableMain d’attache Fifth Wheel ou boule 2-5/16"Suspension à glissière 2"2
Download our PDF brochure Our Grapples’ great grip strength can be used to move different loads, such as: wood, iron, rocks, hay,
CHOKER CHAIN Allows to quickly chain a tree. SNATCH BLOCK PULLEY Helps guide logs through obstacles. Built with bearings. DITCH BUCKET Our